Is porter cable and dewalt batteries are interchangeable?

The porter cable and Dewalt had taken somewhat the different commercial paths but still they both are the leading tool that had been used in the industries. The Dewalt acts as the best tool for construction of your sites to home garages. While the porter cable is one of the best option which you can make use of them for multiple uses. The Dewalt batteries had gained a lot of reputation for its high quality and cost would be little less. Porter cable would be the better choice and you can make use of them as a pocket friendly with high quality.

But you would think are porter cable and dewalt batteries are interchangeable? These both contains the 20Volts are interchangeable. They both make use of the lithium ion cells that helps for the powering of the tool. When you just have a outlook both batteries resembles as like a same but there is a need for a small modification should be done for fitting it. The modification that is needs as like cutting the notch on either side of the batteries.

What are the main differences between them?

The features and specification of the porter cable and dewalt remains same with some little changes as like

Porter cable:

  • The porter cable would suit for the enhanced drilling activities that too between 20 volt max and ΒΌ inch lithium ion powerful backup. It provides both the power and time efficiency in the drilling of nuts into holes.
  • Its weight would be 3 pounds and 2.2 ounces.
  • It has the high torque motor that too with the high performance with speed adjustment transmission that would be capable of increasing the effectiveness for the fastening of applications.


It is lighter than porter cable and it contains 2 pounds to 12.3 ounces. It would deliver the speed and it contains the one handed loading chuck for improving its performance and ergonomics.